About Us

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Corporate Overview

Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leading global healthcare / pharmaceutical company with a strong emphasis on the herbal and nutraceuticals segments.

The company which was established in 1991 and focused on manufacturing and marketing a range of branded generic pharmaceutical formulations, has rapidly evolved and now engages in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and allied healthcare products in the nutraceuticals and herbal segments in India and internationally. Domestically, Plethico operates in the segments of Sports Nutrition, Confectionary and OTC, in India.

The company today has a portfolio of over 200 branded products sold in more than 60 countries

Nutraceuticals Herbals Allopathic

Portofolio of products comprising of dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, functional foods, vitamins, minerals and weight loss products

Includes a range of cough and cold remedies and medicated lozenges and confectionaries

Allopathic formulations include pain, cough & cold therapeutic and anti-inflamatory products

Business Segments

In addition to India in the OTC segment, Plethico is also a leading player in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and in the GCC for its Travisil range of products.