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Mr.Shashikant Patel
Chairman & Managing Director

Shashikant Patel - Chairman & Managing Director - Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited At the helm of Plethico is Mr. Shashikant Patel. He was appointed Chairman & Managing Director in 1996 and under his guidance and strategic direction, the company has established a dominant position in the global healthcare industry and has successfully carved out a niche by focusing on the herbal and nutraceuticals segments, internationally and in India.

A dynamic team builder and business strategist, Mr. Patel has been associated with the business since over 40 years. An erudite personality with vast experience in international business as well in-depth knowledge of the domestic healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, Mr. Patel's vision, foresight and belief on the potential of the global healthcare market, has catapulted Plethico to higher echelons of growth and expansion.

As soon as Mr. Patel was requested to take charge at the helm, he immediately set forth in putting in place a strong senior management team including a professional marketing team, bringing in the best talent available in the industry. Till then, Plethico was a Rs. 450 million company. Within a span of 14 years, the company's revenues grew to Rs. 15,510 million. He has evidently, been the key driving force behind the company's rapid growth. The precedent set by the infusion of professional talent into the company, is still practiced by Plethico. The company's operations are divided into strategic business units (SBU), each headed by world-class professionals responsible for setting goals for their respective SBUs. His son Chirag Patel ably assist him in steering the company.

Mr. Patel is a Director with Plethico Laboratories Limited, India, Plazma Laboratories Private Limited, Rezcom Realty Private Limited, Plethico Global Holdings B. V. Netherlands, Plethico US Holdings Kft., Hungary and Plethico International Limited, UAE.

Mr.Chirag Patel
Whole Time Director and CEO

Shashikant Patel - Chairman & Managing Director - Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited As the CEO, Mr. Chirag Patel has been primarily responsible for the Company's foray into the consumer healthcare business and for expanding its exports and international operations. He commenced his career as a dynamic apprentice to Mr. Bhaskar Patel, who trained him on the Sales, Distribution, Production and Financial functions of the company. He too, like his father, was tremendously excited and driven by the future potential of the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry that propelled him to explore new markets like the CIS and Africa. The objective was to carefully understand the market dynamics and the economy for business prospects. Under the strategic guidance of his father Mr. Shashikant Patel, Chairman and Managing Director of Plethico, Mr. Chirag Patel has been greatly instrumental in further strengthening the Plethico brand globally in line with the company's long-term vision. He has also been chiefly responsible for the company's resource management and spearheading initiatives such as implementing Oracle-Peoplesoft-J.D.Edwards ERP Version 8.9 and finalization of Field Force Management System from SIFY in three languages (Russian, Spanish & French in addition to English) to enhance marketing prowess and optimize overall productivity.

Dr. Gulam Nabi Qazi

Shashikant Patel - Chairman & Managing Director - Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited Dr.G.N.Qazi is a renowned Biotechnologist with extensive international exposure and research oriented experience of 40 years in the areas of Biochemistry & Microbial Biotechnology and Bioprospecting of Natural Products. He is presently the Director of IIIM, Jammu, a multidisciplinary Research Institute specializing in research and developmental studies in the areas of bioprospecting of natural molecules; biotechnology fermentation and enzyme technology, microbial biodiversity, molecular biology and gene cloning; natural products chemistry; cultivation and utilization of drugs and essential oil bearing plants, standardization of botanicals and chemical engineering and design backup for packaging of technologies. He has more than 130 publications in the journals of international repute has filed 70 patents top his credit. He has been instrumental in transforming the premier institute into a leading institution focused on R&D and comparable with those in the United States and Europe. Dr. Qazi is also credited with developing strong international collaborations with several reputed research institutes in Germany, Britain, Italy and the United States in the areas of biochemical engineering, enzymology, genetic engineering, bio prospecting of natural molecules as drug candidates and quality control and standardization of botanicals.

He is a member of several national and international academic and research bodies. As a fermentation technologist, Dr. Qazi and his team is credited with developing a number of important processes some of which have already been commercialized. He is also a recipient of the highly prestigious CSIR Technology Award for research in the area of fermentation process for the production of gluconate salts. For his excellent contributions in the area of industrial biotechnology, he has also received the VASVIK Award.

Mr.Pramod K. Shrivastava

Shashikant Patel - Chairman & Managing Director - Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited Mr. Pramod K. Shrivastava is a Chartered Accountant with wide exposure in international trade financing and treasury operations. He has extensive experience in the field of mobilising finance for trade around the world in key regions such as London, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Brussels, San Francisco, Osaka, Bahrain, Frankfurt and Tokyo. He also brings with him competence in areas of trade finance, forex, investments and banking operations. Mr. Shrivastava also has in-depth understanding of establishing enterprises' international operations both as a wholly owned subsidiary or joint venture of an Indian company.