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Social Commitment

If you educate a boy you are educating a person.
If you educate a girl you are educating an entire family

Plethico involves itself in social welfare activities, both through charity and social investment issues such as education, health, nutrition and over the years serious efforts have been directed towards making a meaningful contribution to uplifting and transforming the lives of the underprivileged.

SchoolThe primary societal responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry is to discover and develop new drugs and vaccines. In this, Plethico is uniquely positioned in both developed and emerging markets to promote health and wellness and respond more effectively to unmet medical needs. However, we recognize that our responsibilities and potential impact go far beyond the medicines we discover and develop.

The Company is contributing to sustainable development by its economic activities combined with the fulfillment of its social responsibilities relating to the health, safety and environment aspects. The Company took a conscious decision to contribute towards its belief that "If you educate a boy, you are educating a person and If you are educating a girl, you are educating a family..." Towards this end, the "Shri Hari Charitable Trust" was setup to serve society at large by providing totally free education to the poor and needy girls of the rural areas.

Your company is alive to the challenges and remains firm in it’s believe that it is possible to 'do good while doing well' and that running a successful business and creating positive social impact are not separate objectives.