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Corporate Governance

Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited is committed to conduct its business strictly in compliance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and with highest standards of business ethics, while being primarily concerned with transparency, accountability, fairness, professionalism, social responsiveness and complete disclosure of internal facts.

At Plethico, we understand that good corporate governance and transparency is essential to our ability to be a trusted member of society. In order to create and sustain value for our stakeholders, and for society as a whole, we must first practice responsible business principles. And, we must take into account our stakeholders’ interests and be held accountable to them.

All of us at Plethico, the employees, officers and directors, are committed to the ethical principles embodied in our Credo. We believe that good corporate governance results from sound processes that ensure that our directors are well supported by accurate and timely information, sufficient time and resources and unrestricted access to management. The business judgment of the Board must be exercised independently and in the long-term interests of our shareholders.

We also believe that ethics and integrity cannot be legislated or mandated by directive or policy. So while we adopt these Principles of Corporate Governance, we reaffirm our belief that the ethical character, integrity and values of our directors and senior management remain the most important safeguards of corporate governance at Plethico.
At Plethico, our Board of Directors, management and employees are committed to upholding high standards of corporate governance and business ethics. We firmly believe that timely disclosures, transparent accounting policies, rigorous internal control systems and a strong and independent Board go a long way in preserving shareholder trust while maximizing long-term shareholder value.

The policy of Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited on Corporate Governance has been:

  1. To enhance the long term interest of its shareholders and to provide good management, the adoption of prudent risk management techniques and compliance with the related standards of capital adequacy, thereby safeguarding the interest of stakeholders such as creditors, customers, suppliers and employees.

  2. To identify and recognize the Board of Directors and Management of the Company as the principal instruments through which good corporate governance principles are articulated and implemented.

  3. To identify and recognize accountability, transparency and equality of treatment for all stakeholders, as central tenets of good corporate governance.

The Company is speedily marching towards its mission :

To create a 'Global Healthcare' brand identity synonymous with nurturing healthcare, eternal values, strong ethics and global quality of highest standards in pharmaceuticals and allied health care products.