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Global Operations

Today Plethico group reaches out to more than 60 countries globally catering to sophisticated markets like US, UK, Europe, Australia and also semi regulated markets like Eastern Europe, CIS, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa.

Plethico continues to build on its strength of developing synergistic alliances and strengthen its distribution capabilities be it the US acquisition or acquiring stake in CIS retail pharmacy chain company or the distribution Companies in the CIS.

Our international marketing efforts are focused on brand building leveraging on the strong brand recall for products like Travisil ®, Therasil ®, Coach’s Formula and Mountain Herbz ®. Our marketing efforts span around various channels to name a few: media advertisements, exhibitions, newsletters and direct-to-consumer communications. These efforts backed by quality products and our one aim of “consumer satisfaction” have earned us the desired position in the minds of our consumers and thus their loyalty and trust.

Today Plethico is on an exponential growth path to expand its global foot prints to reach out to the global consumer and assure it of “quality uncompromised”.



  • Largely dominated by Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova.
  • An established marketing and distribution network with over 150 people
  • Subsidiaries in Russia, , Kazakhstan, Moldova.
  • Rezlov Ltd. – the fully integrated marketing chain in CIS countries has been acquired by Plethico with the following rationale:
    • Receivable management
    • Enhanced Sales realization
    • Retail pharmacy stake of Tricon Company. The rationale was to:
      • Expedite realization by going closure to consumer.
      • Enables Plethico to expand its reach in CIS for its Herbal and Nutraceutical products.


  • Focus on branded generics, herbals and Consumer Healthcare products.
  • UKMHRA approval will trigger foray into Pharma OTC space in Europe.


  • Operations in East, West, North & South Africa, with scientific offices in Uganda, Congo, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.
  • Strong presence in Antibiotics, Anti-Malarials & Anti-TB, cough & cold therapies.
  • Major supplier to government and semi-government organizations.

South East Asia

  • Exports to more than 10 countries.
  • Presence in Herbal and Allopathic formulations.
  • A vibrant field force and established brands.

Latin America

  • Presence in over 15 countries, covering Central & South America and the Caribbean.
  • Focus on OTC, Herbals, NDDS and in-licensing activities.
  • Differentiated and marketing efforts are aimed at identifying and establishing niche segments and to create a unique brand identity.


  • Product registrations in Jordan, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen to name a few.
  • Expansion plans for other GCC countries.

Global Markets overview

Worldwide, the nutraceuticals market continues to be driven by growing consumers’ awareness and interest to lead healthy lives and minimize side effects by possibly avoiding use of synthetic drugs. The dietary supplements market, throughout the 1990s demonstrated high growth rates followed by herbal supplement products. Thereafter, non-herbal, sports nutrition and meal supplements showed increasing growth rates. Vitamins and minerals are expected to demonstrate slower growth in worldwide nutraceutical applications, owing to intense pricing competition, overall lack of proprietary compounds and mature product applications. However, Vitamin A and E are anticipated to perform the best amongst bulk vitamins, due to increasing evidence of health benefits and expanding end-user preference for high quality natural formulations. Amongst minerals, calcium and potassium are expected to record highest sales gains based on demonstrated preventive benefits in geriatric and women’s health care.


The global nutraceuticals market comprises two principal segments namely dietary supplements and functional foods and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% in the period 2000 – 2010. Nutraceutical sales are expected to touch US$187.4 billion by 2010 as against an estimated US$155.9 billion for 2007.

The United States represents the largest market world wide for nutraceuticals, with estimated sales of US$50 billion in 2007 and is expected to reach US$59.4 billion by 2010, registering a CAGR of 6% during 2000 – 2010. Europe and Japan are other large markets besides the United States.


Market drivers

  • Increasing awareness and better understanding of relationship between ‘diet’ and ‘health’
  • Rising interest in consumer-directed healthcare
  • Growth in aging population
  • Technical developments in the food industry
  • Expanding importance of cost control in healthcare delivery – imperative for a growing nutraceutical market
  • Media publicity and promotion; and participation in educating audiences – propagation of information outlining the benefits of supplements and health foods
  • Scientific studies and clinical trials supporting safety and efficacy claims – intensive R&D especially by leveraging biotechnology to develop food with higher levels of mineral and vitamin content