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With over 400 different formulations in more than 39 therapeutic segments, Plethico has a strong presence in Anti-malarials, Anti-tubercular, Anti-infectives, Pain, Cardiac, Gastro and Cough & Cold. Identification of new therapeutic categories, products, innovation in drug delivery systems & patient compliance is the basis of our product selection.



Cardiovascular problems are the major cause of death across the globe. A wide range of products used in the treatment of cardiac ailments are manufactured and marketed by the company across the globe. These belong to three major classes:

  • Anti-hypertensives.(to control hypertension)
  • Anti -hyperlipidemics (To control high cholesterol).
  • Anti- platelet(To prevent thrombus formation)

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Gastic diseases and ailments have become a growing therapeutic segment with irregular dietary habits and poor hygiene factors becoming problem across the globe.

To combat them, Plethico provides the below range of products, that are fact-acting and effective

  • Antacid
  • H2 Receptor Blocker
  • Proton pump inhibitor
  • H Pylori Kit 

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Non-effervescent allopathic products for the cough and cold categories are sold under this brand

These products are mainly sold in the markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, the CIS, Africa and India.


Effervescent products to treat pain, fever, cold, indigestion and nutrition categories

Products sold primarily in the areas of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and CIS


Predominantly raw material trading in the rest of world segment,and contract manufacturing in India

Non-effervescent range of products in the pain relief category are sold under the brand Relievo

Tablets and ointments catering to pain, inflammation and muscle sprains