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Herbal Healthcare Products

A range of clinically proven herbal products developed from scientifically validated herbal extracts, offers a safe and natural alternative in treating Life style related disorders like Diabetes, Cholesterol, sleep disorders, digestive disorders and pain management.

Travasil Logo
  • Range of herbal products including, drops, syrups, and lozenges, in the cough and sore throat category

  • Enjoys brand recognition in the CIS markets

  • Range of herbal medicines and supplements derived from a blend of traditional herbal medicine and modern

  • Products include formulas for high blood pressure, digestions and aphrodisiacs

  • Range of medicated lozenges are sold under the Actifresh brand

  • Actifresh primarily sold in the CIS, African and Indian markets

Travo Passit
  • Travopassit range is an anti-stress product

  • Sold primarily in the CIS markets

  • Includes products primarily catering to younger generation impulse purchase markets
    Sold primarily in India and CIS